We Offer Passive Real Estate Ownership Opportunities In Apartments and Commercial Real Estate Investments Here In the Heartland

Twenty Five Years of Conservative Passive Real Estate Investing with Built In Diversification Allow You To Become A Successful Real Estate Owner and Investor!

Heartland Investments

Heartland Investment Partners 'Flagship Fund'

The Heartland Investment Partners Flagship Fund is called the FLAGSHIP FUND for good reason.  This investment is one of the most diverse and well performing investments that we have and continues to perform well year after year.  With a largely diversified p...

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$2,000,000  USD

Special Online Seminar: Why Apartments Will Be The...

The Information For Accredited Investors Is In… Not only financially but demographically… In Short.. If you don’t own any apartment properties in the near future you WILL miss out on possibly one of the best investment “BETS” to come i...

0%   -1 Years left
$2,000,000  USD

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Hundreds of our investment partners have already found Heartland of America as “the place” for their real estate investing. Our niche of focusing primarily on heartland of America investment properties provide our investor’s with better more predictable returns no matter the economy.

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