Single Family VS. Apartment Investments....Which Is Best?

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When it comes to real estate investing I constantly get the following question... "What do you recommend as a real estate investment - single family homes OR apartment buildings?" In this weeks podcast I not only ANSWER this question but I also go into some specific details on EACH INVESTMENT in terms of advantages and disadvantages to know and consider. This will be a good podcast for those investors that are not only looking to invest in real estate in 2018 but also have wondered which direction is best... "SINGLE FAMILY HOME VS. APARTMENT INVESTING...". You can listen to the podcast in one of two ways: 1.  Get The Podcast and Subscribe On Itunes!  2.  Get The Podcast and Subscribe on Stitcher! What I cover on this weeks podcast WILL BE IMPORTANT FOR THOSE INVESTORS CONSIDERING INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE IN THE NEAR FUTURE!... You would be smart to subscribe to these podcasts so you can get exclusive access to content especially when it comes to good information you can use all the time when it comes to investing.  I think you will enjoy this weeks podcast. Darin

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