HIP invests directly in apartment and commercial investment properties specifically located in the Heartland of America. By investing with HIP you are able to take advantage of not only passively investing in these same properties but also getting all of the benefits of an active owner of these properties while being totally passive.

HIP's ‘Anti-Wall Street’ philosophy allows us to focus on investing in properties that allow higher than average return yields, income and terrific income tax savings for our investors. There is no ‘flash in the pan’, high pressure selling or talking investors into anything. The founders banking and bank owning experience as well as over 30 years of being involved in well over a billion dollars in investment real estate experience is passed on to investors that wish to diversify and participate in good real estate investments.

As one of our partners you will own Heartland of America investment real estate properties right along with us (passively) as a member of our Limited Liability Company. Not only is this a huge advantage over investing in stock (as with a REIT) you can take advantage of all of the direct owner benefits of great investment real estate properties without the fuss. Most investors will have positive income and tax savings as a result of their involvement as an investor.


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                                                         Darin R. Garman


Jason J. Rogers
            Jason J. Rogers

Darin Garman'​s Heartland Investment Partners (HIP) is an investment company established by Darin Garman, a former bank owner and board of director member. Darin is known widely as “The Paranoid Banker” because of his investing philosophy. Darin also has over 30 years in handling over half a billion dollars in investment real estate transactions, manages multiple real estate partnerships than include hundreds of investors from all over the US and outside the US.

With knowledgeable real estate investment partner Jason Rogers, Darin started Heartland Investment Partners because of continually being approached by investors asking for ways to invest, conservatively, in great investment real estate properties while being passive and not wanting to deal with any day to day property management or even deal with management companies for that matter. Heartland Investment Partners’ years of knowledge and experience provides a way for conservative investors seeking higher yields and diversification in their investment portfolios to invest right along with the Paranoid Banker in high quality real estate investment focused in Heartland of America. Investors become our partners as we have our own personal funds invested in every investment that is recommended. We invest right along with you giving you confidence in our choice for a successful passive property investment.


In order to qualify to invest you will need to be an ACCREDITED INVESTOR. What does this mean? In most cases it means you need to be a person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person's spouse, exceeds $1,000,000 NOT including the net value of your personal residence OR a person who had an individual income in excess of $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with that person's spouse in excess of $300,000 in each of those years and has a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year.

If you do NOT meet this criteria as an investor you would not qualify as an investor.

There are separate qualifications for ACCREDITED investor for companies, trusts and estates. If this includes you please review the qualifications here: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?gp=&SID=8edfd12967d69c024485029d968ee737&r=SECTION&n=17y3.



It’s Pretty Simple. You will have choices of property investments here in the Heartland to choose from based on your investment criteria. Right now there are some opportunities available on our web site and some or all may meet your criteria. Once you have a property or fund opportunity in mind that meets your criteria you simply choose this investment and then contact us to receive the detailed offering information on the particular opportunity. You have not committed yourself to invest at this point.

NOTE : We have other opportunities available at times that are NOT on the web site so it may be best to contact Heartland Partners regarding what is available currently at darin@heartlandinvestmentpartners.com. That way you can keep on our Priority Investor List.

You will receive offering information on the opportunity and have an opportunity to review the merits of the investment and decide if you want to move forward. Once you have reviewed the offering information and find it acceptable you are ready to invest by either wire, check or PayPal; whichever you feel most comfortable with we can accommodate. You can contact us and ask as any questions on any investment prior to investing. You may come and personally inspect any investment properties or funds that you are considering. We are happy to make the arrangements for a visit.


Yes you can! Heartland Investment Partners makes it easy to invest IRA/401(k) moneys into great investment properties. Though it may sound complex it is quite easy to accomplish. If you wish to invest IRA or 401(k) moneys into our funds or properties please contact us at darin@heartlandinvestmentpartners.com and we can walk you through the steps you would need to take in order to get the process rolling. Over 40% of our investment partners invest at least SOME retirement account moneys, tax deferred, with Heartland Investment Partners.


In our opinion no, however, as a point of reference and a disclaimer for Heartland Investment Partners you need to be aware all investments have risk and there is always a risk of losing some or all of your principal investment and this is the case with Heartland Investment Partners. We do not guaranty returns or income from our properties nor do past results guaranty future returns and income. That said, there IS a reason why so many investors choose Heartland Investment Partners and it’s due to our success over the years. Darin Garman’s Paranoid Banker approach to investment real estate has made happy investment partners for a number of years.  30+ years is a long time! 



First, you can always get specific answers to any of your investment questions from us. Wonder why your property fund is doing so well?  Wonder why the property fund had a poor quarter? Wonder why the funds expenses were higher than normal? Whenever you have questions you can find out answers right away by contacting us. We are committed to transparency.

With that said, along with property fund distributions that will be paid out quarterly you will also be receiving quarterly reports that will give you a detailed description of what transpired over the last quarter and what we expect for the following quarter. This will keep you fully informed. Also, if you have questions regarding anything in those reports you can contact us. We are happy to explain anything you may not understand or want clarified.

Lastly, we do have updates on our website as well that can be accessed 24 hours a day that is private and password protected. You can contact us, personally, or access information as you feel necessary.


In order to move forward and join our investment family here in the Heartland simply contact us.  We will send you our current catalog of properties owned. 

For IRA/401(k) investments it is $100,000. For regular investment moneys it is $100,000.

Maximum investment amounts are typically around $3,000,000 - $5,500,000 depending on the particular investment.

As always if questions pl​ease contact our office. 



Every investment is subject to capital calls. Though very rare, a capital call can happen. A capital call is when the investment requires more funds from the founding investors in order to meet any cash flow shortfalls that may happen. In these instances you would be asked to invest additional dollars into the fund or property to meet any shortfalls, however, in most cases you can choose to either invest more capital OR agree to a dilution of your ownership interest in lieu of a capital call. In the event a capital call is necessary all of your alternatives will be reviewed and discussed in order for you to make an informed decision prior to making any commitments.  As of March 2023 we have NEVER HAD TO MAKE A CAPITAL CALL! 


YES! You can choose to reinvest your distributions back into the property or Fund during certain times of the years and on a specific schedule. You can also invest NEW moneys into the properties or fund as well during the year, however, you would NOT be able to reinvest or make a new investment at any time. Any reinvestment or new investment would follow a specific schedule in order to maintain not only transparency with your investment but also to maintain property capital reserves as well.


Every property or fund will have an idea “hold” time for that particular investment. All investors will know up front what that particular hold time will be before committing to an investment. As long as the company is in a positive cash flow and capital position investors may elect to sell their investment prior to the recommended “hold time” for the property/fund as long as it is at one of the predetermined scheduled times for investors to sell for that year. Investors will know up front when those schedule times will be. The caveat of course is that the value of your investment may or may not be ideal at the time that you may decide to sell; particularly if you decide to sell before the recommended “hold time.” All investors will be kept up to date on the value of their investment on a quarterly basis in order to make an informed decision.

It is very important that you treat investing in Heartland Investment Partners properties or Funds as a long term investment. Any investment outlook LESS THAN FIVE YEARS does increase your investment risk substantially! In other words, if you would require the return of your investment in less than 5 years Heartland Investment Partners would NOT be the investment choice to make.


We do. Heartland Investment Partners will prepare your necessary Tax Return (form k-1) and will provide this every year to investors for inclusion in their tax returns.


Our property management team takes care of the day to day cares of life management for our investment properties and reports to Darin Garman. Mr. Garman makes the asset management decisions for all of the properties and for the companies/funds. There is also a 4 person OVERSIGHT BOARD of Advisors (not compensated) that consist of investors that are involved in consulting not only Darin Garman but also Heartland Investment Partners.


Sure! Call our offices at #855-685-4440.and ask to speak with either Darin or Jason. Or, you can contact us DIRECTLY by email at darin@heartlandinvestmentpartners.com. We are not some stiff Wall Street firm with layers of people between us and our investors! Get in touch with us!


This is a terrific question!

We are long term thinkers and investors here in the Heartland.  We strive to hit great numbers each and every quarter, however, we never sacrifice a quarter for the long term payoff.  Our investment family here is an investment family in the LONG TERM GAME!  We use our tried and true criteria to not only vet the best multi-family properties but the same goes with our management and operations.  We are unconventional investors wanting to work and have relationships with those wanting unconventional long term results!  


In order to be able to look at any of our properties we are currently investing in you MUST REGISTER FIRST.  Once you go through the registration process a profie is created for you.  Once your profile is created AND you complete the ACCREDITED INVESTOR questions you can then look at any of our passive investment property offerings and investments at any time.  You can register anytime on our home page! 


Gift Certificates can be purchased for a variety of reasons of course.  You
are able to make investments in the Heartland Companies on others behalf
subject to company securities underwriting and approval based on who would be
receiving the gift certificate.   

The process is pretty easy…

The Gift Certificates are in $250,000.00 increments. 

This is a great way to give the gift of investment in a piece of
​the Heartland by gifting someone a great investment (maybe yourself too?).   

So, if an interest in this contact our office.