Here Is What They Say About Darin Garman, The Paranoid Banker and Heartland Investment Partners…

Millionaire Consultant Says: “An Expert Who I Can Trust!”

“I have about a million dollars of apartment building and commercial real estate investments in Iowa. I invest in them sight unseen. I truthfully do not even understand all of the tax ramifications—I have a CPA, who I trust, talk to my Iowa real estate guy, who I trust…I would never invest in real estate if I had to give ANY time or attention—my time is too valuable doing other things about which I am an expert. I found a guy, Darin Garman, who I trust.”--Dan S. Kennedy, from the book, "Creating Trust"

Purchased Property Appreciates Over $911,000!!

“When I considered the fact that I would be working with Darin, a guy that I did not know that well yet…AND the fact that we would be buying real estate in the Heartland of America I almost decided NOT to go through with it. I’m glad I DIDN’T listen to that inner voice because I now own property that has appreciated over $911,000—the cash flow checks just keep coming.”--Mike Miget, St. Louis, MO

I Have Never Regretted My Decision.

“When Darin told me that he would not only get me into a very profitable commercial real estate investment, but he also took care of all management issues, bookkeeping, tax return work, I decided to move forward and have never regretted that decision. This is the easiest way I have made money in commercial real estate in a long time thanks to Darin.”--Henry Leiman, Huntsville, AL

Skeptic Gets REAL Results!

“I admit, I was a little nervous putting so much money in the hands of someone that I had not known that well – and buying Heartland Investment Real Estate for that matter, but, after doing a lot of digging and investigating I found Darin to be the guy he said he was. The returns and cash flow are indicative of the type of properties he gets involved in and his ability to spot and negotiate a good deal, while I am busy with my business, makes this all the more easier for me.” --Jim Ekman, Madison, Wisconsin

Owned 100 Apartment Units…Net Worth Grows and Grows…

“I own over 100 apartment units and over 70,000 feet of commercial investment property. The only guy that really knows how to make money out there is Darin Garman. The best thing that has happened to me in a long, long time is meeting Darin and working with him to build my real estate empire. Anyone that is serious about increasing their wealth, using real estate as one of the main investments in doing so, needs to be associated with Darin. You not only make a lot more money but you avoid many common and costly mistakes along the way. He is like a short cut to profitable commercial real estate investing.” --Tony Tallman, Cresco, Iowa

My Life is A Lot Easier and Profitable – But I Was Skeptical!

“When Darin told me that I needed to be in this investment and that this property would be very profitable, I of course thought to myself, ‘Yeah, that is what everyone else says, too.’ But happily it turned out much different.Not only is property profiting almost twice as much as I thought it would, but the cash flow and tax savings make it a real winner. Of course, when Darin does ALL of the management for me, too, that makes my life a whole lot easier and profitable!”--John Ianni, Garden City, NY

As Part Of His System, Darin negotiates prices less than appraised value…

“We worked with Darin to purchase 40 apartment units and found the process went very well. We found out that Darin helped us negotiate a price less than appraised value. As far as we’re concerned he’s the only “go to guy” in the market.” –OPM, LLC, Marion, IA

Dramatic “Boost!”

I can honestly say, no one’s given a dramatic boost to my net worth, like Darin.”-- Brad Miller, North Liberty, IA

No One Better!

“No one works with investors better than Darin Garman. He seeks out ways to make the best deal for his client. And believe me, these deals work and work wonderfully.” --Bernard Lake, New Orleans, LA

Fantastic Cash Flow!

“We have purchased several apartment properties with Darin’s expert help. The sales were always handled efficiently. We also used his assistance to purchase a 105 unit building and we had to get out of state financing which Darin played a major part in getting that to work out. The result? A fantastic cash flow and investment base for us. We will continue to use Darin again in purchasing more investment real estate and would recommend others use him as well.”--Bill and Donna Frese, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“We Look Forward to the Next Deal with Darin!”

“Not being familiar with the commercial investment real estate market, we needed someone that could get us into a great long-term apartment deal without worrying about getting “stuck” with a bad apartment property or making a mistake that could cost us thousands of dollars. Darin was recommended to us and in no time found the right property for my mother. Look forward to the benefits of this great apartment property and to working with Darin on our next deal.” --Gary Cummings, San Diego, CA

“I look for honesty, sincerity, and ability to relate to where I was coming from ...Darin ranks above all!”

“There are a lot of good brokers and consultants and there are a few GREAT ones! I’ve worked with many through my business. I have many opinions when it comes to choosing a broker or consultant. I look for honesty, sincerity, and the ability to relate to where I was coming from and above all, what commitments do they have to their community, friends and most importantly their family. Darin ranks above all in these qualities. Darin is not only a great investment real estate guy and consultant, he’s a great person. Darin gets the job done efficiently and I put my complete trust in his abilities.” --Kyle Vondracek, Des Moines, IA

BestInvestment Decision I’ve Made!

“Of all the ‘EXPERTS’ out there, I wanted to make sure that I was teamed up with a guy that had experience (good and bad) with commercial real estate and did not just talk but could walk the walk, too. Darin brought both to the table and it has turned out to be the best commercial real estate decision that I have made! Keep the profits coming, Darin!” -- Lew Richardson, DDS, Dan Diego, CA

Not Just After a “SALE”…but a quality, long-term relationship with clients!

“Darin acted in my best interest, not just his own. He was more of a consultant than “salesperson.” He even advised me to not proceed on aprojectthat on the surface looked good, but after breaking everything down financially it made very little sense. I appreciated this since I could have purchased it not realizing the financial pitfalls that were ahead. It was apparent to me that Darin was not just after the “sale,” but was after a quality long-term relationship with his clients. I look forward to working with him in my next apartment transaction.”              --Gary Ehrenberger, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Just got back from three-week vacation…financed by proceeds!”

“The Garman Team is awesome! I just got back form a three-week vacation financed by some of the proceeds. Good Job!”                        --Rondy Roy, Cedar Rapids, IA

“I’m an ATTORNEY, and I thought I was fairly knowledgeable…BUT…”

“I have practiced Real Estate Law for almost twenty years, but I could not have gotten the deal closed without him. Since the project was quite large, there were many complicating factors in the purchase and financing. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable of all the intricacies of large deals having handled these transactions as a lawyer, but the deal would not have closed without Darin’s role in the transaction. I plan on buying more real estate and Darin will be the expert I use. I believe one of the best qualities of Darin’s is his ethics. This is critical with who I want to work with.” --Jim Houghton, Attorney, Iowa City, Iowa

Helps Physician with Complexity…

“Darin Garman helped me with a complex estate settlement. His attention to detail was remarkable, his advice sound and his approach flexible. I not only recommend him, I plan on using him again!”--Dr. Blaine Houmes M.D., Cedar Rapids, IA

Worried Investor Turns Advocate!

“Being from out of state and not knowing the market can make most people lay awake at night worrying. Lets just say when you have Darin Garman on your side of the table and partnering with you on the property purchases you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Not only am I kept up to date with the properties progress but I can check out how well it is doing any time I want.”
--Gene Kelly, Napa, CA

No-Nonsense Approach to a real estate purchase or sale, is a godsend!

“Darin’s organized, concise, no-nonsense approach to a real estate purchase or sale is a godsend in a profession cluttered with people who do not know what or how to do what they are paid to do. Darin’s sense of “what’s right” allows him to to do the job admirably.” -- Ernest J. Eickelberg, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Our group won’t consider working with anyone else in this marketplace...”

“Our company’s satisfaction with Darin during a recent closing was beyond reproach. Due diligence was the difference between failure and success. Darin’s stick-to-it attitude made the difference. Our company will not consider working with anyone else in this marketplace. Mr. Garman was the difference.” --W Group LLC, Coralville, IA

Has a natural feel for the rental real estate market…

“I have owned apartments as a small investor for about 25 years and have known Darin Garman for about five years. Darin is an energetic, very knowledgeable broker and consultant. He has an excellent grasp of apartment and commercial real estate from the seller’s perspective, the buyer’s perspective, and the business perspective. Darin has a natural feel for the rental real estate market. He has also given me advice in the management of apartments. Darin is a good businessman to know and work with.”
-- Dr. John Goedkin, DVM , Cedar Rapids, IA

“Only investment consultant that did everything they said they would do!”

“Darin followed every step of the process to make sure neither side fell off the track. I have never had a investment consultant do everything they said they would do!”
--Jay Clancey, Cedar Rapids, IA

34% Return…and Counting!!

“Since the end of 2006, I have had the good fortune to purchase a number of apartment complexes as part of Darin’s investment partnerships. I am glad that Darin thinks of his investors first, and IS NOT JUST A ‘SALESMAN!’ As an out-of-state investor, I appreciate all that he brings to the table—from handling all the legal issues and property management to getting me the best rates on property expenses such as insurance and trash collection. I have really come to value his counsel. The results? In just one of the properties, I am getting over a 34% return! Wow!” --Doug Hancock, San Diego, CA

No One Else Comes Close with Our Returns and Cash Flow!

“We found he is truly the best in the business! No one comes close with our returns and cash flow!”
Casey and Suzy Johannes, Walford, IA

The Less Involvement – The Better!

Darin’s concept of being an owner of great commercial investment properties without actually being the “hands on owner” works great for my lifestyle. I get all of the same benefits as an active landlord, including nice double digit returns, and my total involvement is getting a check and a report once a month. The tax savings are great too!
--Bob Burns, Iowa

If You Like Accountability…

You know the thing I really like about this is the accountability. Unlike, say a mutual fund manager, I can get a hold of Darin with thoughts, questions, concerns, etc. He is just a phone call away. I know that I can’t get a hold of the guy running the Fidelity Fund. Yeah, the returns and cash flow isgreat and all of that but it the accountability that I really like. Yanik Silver, Maryland

Properties and Returns Have Turned Out Great!

Darin Garman is my only go to guy for apartments and commercial investment property. Every property that I have purchased with him has turned out great. My returns on investment have been phenomenal! Melvin Scoville, Iowa

And There Are Others…