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What will be your most important investment in 2018? It is not what you think and has nothing to do with money.... It is time.  Or what I call INVESTMENT TIME. My friend and fellow investment partner Lee Milteer recently interviewed business guru Dan Kennedy on the topic that is first and foremost in most people minds – TIME MANAGEMENT and the CONCEPT IF TIME. Mainly, INVESTING YOUR TIME WISELY and INVESTOR THINKING FOR TIME MANAGEMENT. No matter your age, occupation, working, retired, the ONE THING we cannot get more of is time and everyone in one way or another is working on maximizing the amount of time they have.  Also, the information in the attached interview is business related, you will hear the word “entrepreneur” quite a bit, however, the concepts are for EVERYONE.  In this interview lead by Lee we will hear from a real expert considered as one of the top business and investment experts in the country. By the way, Mr. Kennedy is ALSO one of my investment partners as well.    So, want a more productive year?  More productive life?  More productive (fill in the blank?)  then listen in on this podcast.  YOU will be glad you did.   Have a great weekend! Darin "Investor Thinking For Time Management...". You can listen to the podcast in one of two ways: 1.  Get The Podcast and Subscribe On Itunes!  2.  Get The Podcast and Subscribe on Stitcher! This information will be very valuable to you! Darin

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